Curran Lennart



Age: 31

Gender: male.

Height: 5’11

Build: Muscular, defined, gives off a sense of coiled strength about to explode.

Hair: Blond, typically cut short except during the flare when it grows into a mane within a few days.

Eyes: Grey, luminescent with gold when excited or angry.  Curran’s gaze is extremely difficult to hold.

Skin: naturally pale, but he tends to bake himself in the sun every chance he gets.

Distinguishing marks: broken nose that didn’t quite heal right, very unusual for shapeshifter.

Beast form: an enormous grey lion, striped with darker grey, like smoke blown against grey velvet.

Favorite mode of fighting

Grows teeth the size of dinner forks and bites people’s heads off.  Roars after.


Pack.  Curran is the Beast Lord.  Tremble.


While Curran’s physical power is overwhelming, he rarely has to use to it.  He’s observant and shrewd and tends to use diplomacy and intimidation, breaking into violence only as last resort.  He moves extremely quietly and enjoys sneaking up on Kate.


  1. I’m not big on movies or TV, so I don’t know many stars. Based on the comments made by other posters I googled the names of recommended Kate and Curran possibles. I opened a tab and googled Rhona Mitra. I opened a second tab and googled Jason Statham. I flipped repeatedly between the two open tabs. WOW! In terms of what I see in my mind when reading the books, these two would be perfect (image-wise) reps for this wonderful duo (I’m sure Jason could be provided the necessary hair assistance–though I personally love bald and balding men).

    I don’t really want to see these characters in a movie, because movies and TV depictions typically ruin book characters for me. That’s not to say a movie shouldn’t be made (no TV, please); I just don’t want to ruin my personal conceptualization of Kate and Curran.

  2. The Kate Daniels series is my fave book series ever, but I don’t want a movie or a TV show. There’s no person out there who look like I imagine them to be… The woman on the picture you used for Kate would work, but… I searched for actors who could fit Curran and, believe me, there’s none out there. Same with Jim. Just don’t make a movie or a TV show, but never stop writing about Kate’s adventures.

  3. coffeshopkitty says:

    I would like to see Charlie Hunnam (from Sons of Anarchy) as Curran. He’s got that gravelly intense voice and he’s able to move in a swift and controlled way (in his role as a bad boy biker). Check out some of his more glamorous modeling pics. He looks the part both dirty and cleaned up… Just a thought…

  4. Constance says:

    Hi! Huge fan. Once I start to read one of your books, can’t let it down, I swear. 😉 question, though: is it CU-rran or Cu-RRAN and LE-nnart or Len-NArt (French style 😉 )???

  5. Blond, typically cut short except during the flare when it grows into a mane within a few days, i loke this. :)

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  9. Lion is strong. 😀

  10. Charlie Hunnam+1
    He looks good without beard. He can be the leader and alpha

  11. No ciertamente mucho conocer este tema. Me gusta todo el que has hecho.


  1. […] Curran is the Beast Lord (a lion shapeshifter) from the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews. I picture him looking like a rougher version of Chris Hemsworth. Mmmm. Loving my mental picture right now. Curran is violent, witty, and strong as frick. He is very protective of his pack and of Kate. Damn you, Kate, for taking my man! He is loyal and determined no matter the situation. He seems almost unemotional until he has one of his rages. And that’s when you realize how passionate he really is. And despite his scary demeanor, he is often as gentle as a pussycat. What makes Curran so lovable though, is his humor. He WILL make you laugh non-effing-stop. The banter between Kate and Curran is the best dialogue I have EVER seen. Curran is equal parts leader, lover, and protector. He knows his flaws and just doesn’t give a f*ck! He always does what’s right and that’s what matters. I like my men on the rough side. Curran takes charge and doesn’t take no for an answer (in a sexy way, not a rapey way, o_O). He knows what he wants and takes it. His presence is overwhelming in all the right ways. I love his intelligence, his caring, and his snarky personality. He is my perfect man (right now). […]

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